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The Five Steps of Mastering Workflow

I recently purchased a copy of David Allen’s new book ‘Getting Things Done – the art of stress-free productivity’ a follow up on ‘Getting Things Done’ which Time magazine hailed as the best self-help book of a decade. The new book is rewritten from start to finish. It contains new perspectives and new data that[...]
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Real Estate Professionals

I recently attended a leadership conference and the feature speaker referenced a quote by Mr. Nelson Mandela “My greatest enemy was not those who put or kept me in prison. It was myself. I was afraid to be who I am.” I found this astounding. Here was a leader of the anti-apartheid movement in South[...]
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Marketing Today

Recently I completed reading Seth Godin’s book, ‘This is Marketing’, and I thought I would share a few gems from the book, with you, in the hope that it can help you improve your Real Estate Marketing. His thesis is that Marketing has changed but practitioners haven’t adapted their marketing efforts, with the result that[...]
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